Acro-Flow workshop with Francesca

Acro flow pole workshop

Join us for our next monthly Acro-Flow Pole Workshop presented by our top pole instructor Francesca – In our up-coming workshop we will learn how to use the Pole as a vertical apparatus to explore flow and dynamic acrobatic movement. We will explore how to use the pole to support us in dynamic elements (jumps, […]

Reignite your Pole Passion🔥

pole passion pole flow berlin

We all love Pole, but just like any relationship, keeping Passion alive takes work, dedication and commitment 😉 Learn how you can rediscover, rekindle and enrich your relationship with Pole Dance! A Pole Love Story You might still recall the day you first met him – tall, shiny and bright standing there in the middle […]

How to Dance around your Cycle

how to dance around your cycle

If you’re a pole dancer AND have a menstrual cycle, you need to read this! 🩸 So many menstruating humans I know are either mostly unaware of their cycle, or choose to ignore it. Unfortunately we live in a world that hasn’t yet fully learnt to honor the extraordinary processes that happen monthly in the […]

Flexibility 101 with Marta Baley

how should i stretch

Everything you wanted to know about Flexibility and Contortion training with Marta Baley! How should I stretch? When? And WHY? We sat with Marta, a professional contortionist and flexibility trainer, to learn her secrets for efficient and rewarding flexibility training, answering all of your most commonly asked questions – How often should I stretch? I […]

It’s our Birthday month 🎈

and we wanna celebrate with you! It’s almost hard to believe how fast time goes by – this May we are celebrating 6 (!) years of pole, love and creation in our lovely space and with our lovely community of pole flow-ers. Over the years we have gone through many transformations, growing and evolving into […]

Why we are No Longer ‘exotic’

Is Exotic a passionfruit, a wild cat, or just an inaccurate dance style reference? In the recent weeks we’ve changed the names of classes used to be known as ‘Exotic’ and removed the term from our websites. After all the years of using the term and having the word Exotic closely identified with our high […]

Student’s Spotlight: Lars

Student's spotlight Lars

Meet Larsi (officially still 28, and if someone tells you something different – they lie!). If he’s not hanging, spinning or flying around a pole, he is working as a pattern maker for textiles. Lars has been Pole dancing at Pole Flow for 4 years now, and he is one of our most dedicated students […]

Student Spotlight: Giulia Marassi


Meet Giulia (25, She/Her), business student, barista and a pole dancer. Giulia has been dancing at Pole Flow for 3 years now and she is one of our most dedicated students. Some of you probably know her from our sensual flow, spinning and intermediate level classes. Like all of our students, Giulia has her own […]

Striptease Valentine’s Special: Self-Seduction Workshop with Rain


They say there is no true love without self-love, we say there is no seduction without self-seduction! In this Valentine we invite you to direct all your loving sexy energy to the most important person in the room – you ♥. We will learn to re-fall in love with ourselves, empower our inner goddess and […]

6 ways to Brass monkey + mini pole challenge

6 way to Brass monkey

Did you know there are more ways to get into brass monkey than the fingers on your right hand? Guess what 😉 Watch here to learn 6 of them ⚡️ Brass monkey is a fun and useful pole position to get to know and feel comfortable in 👋🏽 To keep you motivated to try it […]