How to Dance around your Cycle

how to dance around your cycle

If you’re a pole dancer AND have a menstrual cycle, you need to read this! 🩸 So many menstruating humans I know are either mostly unaware of their cycle, or choose to ignore it. Unfortunately we live in a world that hasn’t yet fully learnt to honor the extraordinary processes that happen monthly in the […]

6 ways to Brass monkey + mini pole challenge

6 way to Brass monkey

Did you know there are more ways to get into brass monkey than the fingers on your right hand? Guess what 😉 Watch here to learn 6 of them ⚡️ Brass monkey is a fun and useful pole position to get to know and feel comfortable in 👋🏽 To keep you motivated to try it […]

Handsprings Fundamentals Workshop with Rain

Ask and you shall receive 😉 We are excited to invite you for our new monthly workshop: Handsprings Fundamentals workshop (Intermediate Level) with Rain, taking place on Saturday 12.12.2020, 16:00-17:30. This next workshop is in direct response to our intermediate students who want to take their pole training to the next level! In this workshop, […]