Student’s Spotlight: Lars

Student's spotlight Lars

Meet Larsi (officially still 28, and if someone tells you something different – they lie!). If he’s not hanging, spinning or flying around a pole, he is working as a pattern maker for textiles. Lars has been Pole dancing at Pole Flow for 4 years now, and he is one of our most dedicated students […]

Student Spotlight: Giulia Marassi


Meet Giulia (25, She/Her), business student, barista and a pole dancer. Giulia has been dancing at Pole Flow for 3 years now and she is one of our most dedicated students. Some of you probably know her from our sensual flow, spinning and intermediate level classes. Like all of our students, Giulia has her own […]

Student Spotlight: Annie Kocher

Annie Kocher (they/them, 28) is a musician and a full time doula. We sat with Annie to ask them a few questions about their pole story. Where and how did it all begin? ‘’My first pole classes were a few years ago at another studio, but I ultimately had a bad experience there and it […]