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One of the best things I have found in the recent lockdown is that it has enabled us to connect and share deeper and further with friends from all over the world 🌍💓

Meet Dana (TLV) – professional Salsa dancer and Flexibility trainer certified by Gamish studio in Tel Aviv. @gamish_flexibility_training studio, led by @daniel_itzhaqi , is one of the leading Flexibility and contortion schools in Israel and where I personally started my flexibility journey and learnt most of my bendy skills.

Dana is one of the first graduates of Gamish Flexibility teachers training program and is now teaching flexibility for all levels in many studios in Israel. As of next week Dana is going international and will join our team as one of our main flexibility instructors! 🎉 We are gifted with the opportunity to learn from her some of the advanced methods and approaches taught at studio Gamish. Her teaching style is precise, professional and yet incredibly friendly and fun.

When I first started Pole Flow in Berlin I had in mind to bring back the energy and the vibes I loved so much from my Pole Home in Tel Aviv, and I am beyond grateful to have the chance now to work with and of course share with you the teachings of some of my favorite schools.

You can join Dana’s classes next week:

Tuesday 12:15-13:15 Middle Splits

Wednesday 10:45-11:45 Backbends

Friday 12:15-13:15 Middle Splits

Saturday 12:15-13:15 Full Body Stretch

Click here to participate ✨

(@chris.silya classes will continue running her classes in the evening Tuesday-Thursday 20:30-21:30)

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