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about Pole flow berlin

Pole Flow Berlin was established in 2015 in Berlin, Neukölln.

Our studio was created with the intention of sharing the many physical, as well as mental, benefits of pole dance to the public – allowing humans from all sections of society, colors, ethnicity, gender and orientation to join and create a versatile and inclusive pole dance community.

We believe that pole dance will transform your view about fitness, the relationship with your body and the limits of your spirit. In this unusual way of training, the physicality of our bodies is challenged in many surprising ways, and we discover that with regular training we can achieve what may have seemed at first completely impossible.

At our Pole school we try to encourage you to work with your body under its own conditions in a friendly sustainable way. We encourage you to honor your body, be grateful for its hard work, acknowledge your progress but also know when to give yourself a break. Most of all, be kind to yourself just like you are kind to others!

about pole flow berlin
our offers
our offers

In addition to our technique and pole fitness classes, we offer a variety of ‘FLOW’ classes, in which we put acrobatics, coordination and musicality together into a complete pole dance routine. We also offer Off-the-pole classes such as Chair Dance, Burlesque, Flexibility and more. These classes don’t require a pole and you can join them from the comfort of your own home. All of our classes are available online, and in lighter pandemic times also in the studio.

We try to keep our studio rates as affordable as possible, while still maintaining high level of proficiency from our team members and teachers. We offer lower rate prices for students, Azubis, professional dancers and currently also for those financially affected by the corona crisis. We trust your honesty and hope that you will choose the price rate most suitable for your current condition while still supporting our work at your utmost capacity.

As a Pole Dance school, we believe our role is much greater than just teaching you how to perform a cool pole trick or look sexy af on the pole (which you will learn anyway!)

We are also interested in introducing you to the beautiful (hi)story and art of Pole Dance, honoring our origins and inspirations. We acknowledge the seeds of modern pole dance are deeply rooted in strip club culture and the contributions to the development of pole art by modern day Str*ppers and S*x workers. We surely learnt most of our early skills in da club! Thank you for existing, and allowing us to continually get inspired by you. Wanna learn more about the (hi)story of pole dance?

about pole flow berlin

Your satisfaction and well-being is at our highest priority, and we are always open to receive feedback and special requests from you.

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