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Yes, we are BACK!

Our pole courses take place in the studio, with limited participants and only one person per pole. At the same time, we offer the courses online - if you have a pole at home or the class is not on the pole - you are welcome to take part from the comfort of your home! Click here to book.

We take high security measurements to maintain the health of our students and our team. All poles are at least 2 m apart and are disinfected after each class. We also ask all of our visitors to read our hygiene rules carefully before visiting the studio. Don't forget to bring your own personal towel!

Our classes take place primarily in English, however if all members in the class speak/ understand German it may take place in German. In any case our team is happy to translate any instructions when requested to. 

Everyone! If you are (covid-free) human you are welcome to join our courses. Black or white, purple or green, big or small, young or old, weird or weirder - YOU are ALL welcome.

Pole Flow Berlin is open to people of all skin colors, religions, ethnic groups, genders, sexual orientations, age groups, etc.

Our main goal as a Pole Dance Studio is to share this beautiful art form with as many humans as possible and form a loving and supportive Pole community.

Still not sure? Ask us. We are happy to help and support you with the beginning of your pole journey 🙂

Absolutely! For your first Pole class(es) we recommend joining our Pole Beginners/Newcomers (level 0-1) classes, which take place every Monday-Saturday
In these classes we will teach you the basics of Pole Dance - starting from pole walks, transitions, turns and spins. You will build up muscle memory, strength and stamina which will allow you to later on progress to higher level of Pole classes. To book your first class go to our online booking system, choose one of our Beginners/Newcomers classes and complete your booking. If it's your first visit to Pole Flow you may check out using a single trial credit (13€/11€), or a trial package (4 classes in 4 weeks; 49€). 

Use our online booking system: scroll through to find the class you wish to join, select your product and check out. Your place is reserved and you may still cancel it  48 hours previous to a studio class date, or 24 hours before an online class date. If you are not sure which level or style you need, feel free to ask us!

If you book a spot in the waiting list, you will get notified once someone canceled their spot and you the spot will be reserved for you automatically. If you get a spot in the class you will be notified per email with a title 'You have been moved up from the waiting list <class details>'. That means there is now a spot reserved for you in the class. Make sure to allow email notifications from us so you don't miss the update! If you don't get the spot in the class the purchased credit of course will still be kept on your profile and you may use it to book another class.

Our studio is located in Ziegrastr. 11, 12057 Berlin. If you come by S-Bahn, take the exit towards Sun Bridge, go over the bridge and then turn left into Ziegrastraße. You walk straight on to Ziegrastraße 11 (NOT 13!). There you should see a small sign on the wall that says "Pole Flow Berlin". Turn right and keep walking until you reach our building after about 150m on the left side (there is also a sign on the front door). Our studio is on the first floor on the left.

Comfortable sports pants to warm up, shorts to practice on the pole, a small towel and water. Avoid using body lotions, oils, or hand creams on the day you do pole dance. Pole dance high heels are recommended for Sensual pole courses (ask us where you can get professional heels!). If you don't have shoes, you can still join all of our classes. For every pole flow course we recommend long pants, socks and knee pads.

We recommend a combination of pole, strength and flexibility training at least 2-3 times a week at the beginning. Later on if you have the time and capacity you can increase the frequency of your visits, but always make sure to get enough rest in between 🙂

Good grip on the pole requires both strength and technique. The more you come to classes and train, the more your grip strength develops and the better you can support yourself on the pole. That being said, there are different materials for the grip aid that we recommend under special conditions (sweaty palms, overly dry skin etc). You can see the full list here.

YES! only babies are born flexible;) We will build it up step by step. While bendy pole tricks look beautiful and impressive, most of them can be tried without exceptional flexibility skills. Nevertheless, we recommend taking flexibility courses to improve freedom of movement, joint health and mobility.

Of course! Strength is built up gradually. The more you practice pole the more you will find your body is getting stronger and fitter. For your first steps on the pole we focus on technique, building muscle memory and coordination. There are no strength ​pre-requirements, but you will notice that over time you will naturally develop more strength than you ever thought was possible!

YES! Pole dance is for ANY size and shape. Try it for yourself!

YES! Pole dance is for ANY size and shape. Try it for yourself!

Of course! We are very happy to see men (and any gender what-so-ever) in our classes. You could concentrate more on acrobatic moves or find your inner goddess in our sensual dance classes. Same goes for humans of all genders 🙂

Not a single doubt! Pole Flow is a home for humans of ALL genders. We can't meet you and discover your unique personality and queerness.

Your satisfaction and well-being is at our highest priority, and we are always open to receive feedback and special requests from you.

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