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Rain Rose (26, she/her; they/them) is a dancer, choreographer, Pole dance & Burlesque teacher and performer.

In 2016 she graduated from University of California’s Dance department (B.A.) and since then has been teaching dance and performing in various venues mostly in LA. Back in LA she also received her certification as a Pole Dance instructor (XPERT teacher training) as well as a professional Yoga teacher certification (200HR Yoga Alliance Certification).

Last year she took a brave decision to move to Berlin (lucky us!) and since then she has been teaching in Pole Flow Berlin. Rain teaches a variety of different classes – from Exotic Pole Flow, to Pole Tricks in all levels, as well as advanced flexibility skills. Her classes are filled with creativity, patience and playfulness.

But how much do you really know about her?

We sat with Rain to ask her a few question about her pole journey and pole teaching story. Curious to hear what Rain had to tell us? Scroll down to read the full interview >>

In 2016 Rain Rose graduated from University of California’s Dance department (B.A.) and since then has been teaching dance and performing in various venues mostly in LA.

When did your relationship with Pole first began?

I was always interested and excelled in the aerial arts since my introduction to them in university. Funny enough, I visited a strip club in Vegas around that time and was absolutely entranced by the dancers and how they managed to grip the pole and do all the fun and crazy moves. I became more seriously interested when I first met Nadia from Twisted Movement at a movement workshop in Los Angeles a few years ago. Some months later I decided to try the Intro Offer at Leigh Ann Orsi’s BeSpun LA because my circus friend convinced me to do it with her. From that moment, I was hooked!

What was your motivation you to become a teacher?

During the two weeks of unlimited classes I took 22 classes. I was immediately hooked when I tried it. I decided I wanted to teach because I loved the way my instructors made me feel in class. I had been teaching various styles of movement (modern, tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, belly dance, yoga, etc.) for years. I started performing and competing dance at the age of 5 years old – and I had not found a form that made me feel so empowered and free as Pole Dance had.

What do you like the most about teaching Pole? Which class do enjoy teaching the most?

The best part is feeling the space that has been created in class. A space where students feel free to embrace their bodies, sensuality, creativity, mobility and strength. I really love all the classes that I teach. I cannot pick one, two or even three. I like the variety that is offered at pole flow, which allows me to share many parts of myself and my experience.

Rain teaches at Pole Flow every Tuesday (18:00-19:00 Spinning Pole Beginners: 19:15-20:15 Spinning Pole Intermediate; 20:30-21:30 Pole Flow) and Thursday (19:15-20:15 Spinning Pole Beginners; 20:30-21:30 Exotic Pole Flow)

What is the most challenging part about teaching pole?

Silly… but I find the music used for class so important! I love the playlists that I make, yet I play them so often that I can get sick of some music so quickly. The somewhat constant need to find more music is tedious (and made somewhat easier thanks to Spotify’s radio-based-on-this-song feature).

How has your experience as a teacher affected you as a pole dancer?

Being a teacher has helped me to connect with many other pole dancers and artists at the studios where I work and have worked. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many individuals thanks to my work as an instructor. My only drawback to teaching is that it is a challenge to make time to train on my own and push my training to greater heights. However, teaching (in any form) always makes me a better student when I do take class.

Rain and Annie perform their duet at Pole Flow Berlin Showcase 2019

You have recently decided to move to Berlin. What made you choose to move here and how is it like in compare to life in Los Angeles?

I moved out of LA to ‘open my mind’, but I didn’t consider Berlin at first to be where it would happen. While working as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, I would search opportunities for performance, research & development, choreographic residencies and more. Most of the opportunities were based in New York or cities across Europe. I made a pact with my friend Lyla Palmer that we would move to this continent after living in LA under a year and being unsatisfied with our growth and opportunities. Of course, a year later, I grew tremendously as well as received & created many opportunities in LA.. This made it VERY difficult for me to make the decision to leave, but I am so happy that I did.

What is your #1 tip to students who are just starting with pole?

Tough question! I would say to be kind to yourself, don’t take yourself too seriously. More than any other movement practice I have come across, pole will push you to do things you didn’t think were possible at a rate that you did not think was possible. Take note of the achievements when they come, big or small.

What other activities do you enjoy doing Off the Pole?

Aside from performing and teaching in all its glory, I deeply enjoy creating! Specifically telling stories through video. I used to create videos as a child with my siblings and cousins when webcams first hit the market. Later, as an adolescent, my friends and I would constantly use MacBook Photobooth or Flip Video Camera to create the most nonsensical and/or fantastical videos. I have recently gotten back into the practice thanks to online performances during the Corona Virus Pause. Rediscovering this passion has been very fun and surprising.

How has been your experience teaching at pole flow so far?

Teaching at pole flow is one of my favorite things about living in Berlin. The community of pole flow is diverse, inclusive, vibrant and loving. I feel unbelievably lucky to call pole flow my home.

Thank you Rain! We feel incredibly grateful having you as a teacher at Pole Flow Berlin

To find out more about Rain you can check her IG account @chunkysandwich or enjoy her classes in person every Tuesday and Thursday at Pole Flow Berlin!

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