New Video Will be Out Soon

We are excited to share with you a new special project!

We’ve been working on this baby for the last few months with a talented video artist and amazing dancers throughout the city of Berlin.

new video out soon

Together with our team members Lee, Kaya and Rain we went out to explore special corners of the metropolis – playing with nature, poles and unique urban spaces.

Pole Flow is a part of Berlin and Berlin is a part of Pole Flow. The city offers us incredible landscapes, immense freedom, space to be ourselves and express every impulse our hearts desire.

this is the new project will be out soon

Our journey is about having fun, being creative, expressing our deepest passions and connecting through pole dance.

we are excited to share our new video with you

Performers: Lee-tom, Kaya Zakrzewska, Rain Rose

Visual artist: Martin Klukas

Can’t wait to watch the whole thing? The full-length version will be published soon bit by bit on our website and social media.

Stay tuned to get fully teased!

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