Bye-bye 2020 + little New Year’s gift

little new years gift is a free tutorial

What a year 2020… full of unexpected events, confusion and uncertainty – some of us lost our jobs, our favorite studios got closed and social life became an image on the screen. For us this year was challenging, but nevertheless rewarding. No matter what came we took a deep breath and figured out how we can make the fckn best out of it. We found new ways to do what we love the most, to share and to connect with our community (you!).

Within all this chaos we feel so lucky to still be able to continue dancing, continue sharing our knowledge and continue watching you learning and growing with us! We couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you for the 2,573 new students who joined us this recent year and for our existing students who kept on dancing with us! You are the best and we can’t wait to rock on with 2021.

Cheers to a new year of filthy dancing, crazy laughing, lots of silliness and loving to the fullest.

To start the year right, we’ve prepared a little free pole tutorial for you, to help us stay connected in these crazy times ♡

You are welcome to try this combo out if you have a pole at home! If not, save it and try it later when we open the studio again (the day will come soon, promise!).

Remember to always train safely – grab some pillows or ask your roommate to spot 😉

A few additional tips:

  • warm up probably your shoulders, wrists, core and legs
  • warm up the pole with some climbs or inverts
  • practice your dismount separately from a crucifix or bird
  • if you’re new to Jamilla OR shoulder-dis-mounts work on those FIRST

Did you give it a try? Make sure to take a video and tag us on IG!

We would love to watch 🙂

If you like to learn similar combos you can try Kaya’s online tricks class every Friday at 18:00-19:00

Play safe and have fun 🖤

See you in 2021!

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