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We all love Pole, but just like any relationship, keeping Passion alive takes work, dedication and commitment 😉 Learn how you can rediscover, rekindle and enrich your relationship with Pole Dance!

A Pole Love Story

You might still recall the day you first met him – tall, shiny and bright standing there in the middle of the room. Just waiting for you to climb, spin and rub all over him! Despite occasionally burning your skin, he was consistent, reliable and stable. The Pole of your dreams. 

After a while your relationship became stable, somewhat predictable and yet fulfilling and reassuring. You would see each other regularly a few times a week and might have even gone on retreat. Things were looking great.

One day you woke up and noticed the fire had dimmed. You were cancelling last minute your dates with him or showing up and just talking about your ex. His stickiness became just a bit too much and you started wondering where this relationship was going.

So what happened? Like in most long term relationship, after a while things get all-too-familiar and it’s time to spice things up. Personally my long relationship with Pole has gone through many episodes. We’ve been together for 11 years and experienced all sorts of life changes together. Through those years my attitude towards pole (and myself) has changed and transformed and I still continue redefining and exploring my pole dance journey. 

If you’ve been pole dancing for a while (or just easily distracted), you might have noticed different phases in your pole journey as well. Expecting your pole journey to always look and feel the same can be discouraging and might even make you wanna skip the date to begin with. Allowing transformations and renewal is crucial to maintain creativity, excitement and passion – key ingredients for any long lasting and happy relationship 🥰

So how do we revisit that initial thrill we once used to have? Here are some tips from yours dearly –

Remember what brought you here

  1. Try to recall what first set off your Pole Passion. Was it the glam of the high heels? The feeling of strength in your body? The excitement of conquering new tricks? It’s natural to over time take things for granted- try to see the pole each time with fresh eyes – every new move you learn, every moment you embrace your inner diva and every moment your body overcomes gravity – is unique, incredible and precious.          

Keep it Simple

2. Sometimes the most ambitious thing you can do is to not try too hard! Coming back to basics as in a slow flow, fluid transitions and tricks you can easily fit into your freestyle – will remind you how incredible it was when you first learnt those moves and what a long way you have come through that you can now enjoy DANCING them without thinking too much. These are exactly the moments where you can find yourself in a ‘flow state’ – diving into effortless expression and rediscovering your passion to Pole.

Allow time for side hustles

3. We like to think of our relationship with pole as open. We love him, but sometimes we need to hang out with our other lovers. They remind us the freshness of something new and also to really appreciate the time we spend with Pole. Trying new things such as other forms of dance, skating, singing and whatever it is that gets your juices flowing, will keep you excited and might even inspire you to try new things to reignite your Pole Passion 😉

Dress up for him (and yourself!)

4. Try a new sexy outfit, or a new pair of heels! Sure, it’s not all about the looks but there’s no doubt a cute new wear makes us feel fresh, sexy and remind us the beauty that we are 😉 And when we feel fresh, we LOVE to dance! You can browse for cute new outfits on different pole clothing sites or check for second hand. Some times you might even discover some hidden treasures in your own wardrobe, try them out and see how it feels to dance in them 🙂

Get out of your comfort zone

5. If you have always take tricks classes, now is the time to try some flow! If you’re a flow queen now is the time to try some tricks. Always just dance for yourself? Now is the time to perform! Love dancing for others? Now is the time to move just for yourself. Challenge yourself by doing something you wouldn’t normally do –  it might be something that now scares you, but overcoming your fears is the most fertile place for you to grow. Put your perfectionism to the side and allow yourself to enjoy once again the sweetness of being an amateur 🤩

Try one or more of these tricks to bring your Pole Passion back to life and let us know how they work for you 🙂 Do you feel the fire burning?

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Stay in the flow

Stay in the flow

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