How to Dance around your Cycle

how to dance around your cycle

If you’re a pole dancer AND have a menstrual cycle, you need to read this! 🩸

So many menstruating humans I know are either mostly unaware of their cycle, or choose to ignore it. Unfortunately we live in a world that hasn’t yet fully learnt to honor the extraordinary processes that happen monthly in the female body and adjust the daily rhythm to it. Luckily most of us also live in a world where are (mostly) entitled to have a free choice. If you have a cycle, it’s a good idea to get to know it, work with it and use it to improve your well-being and overall health.

So how do we dance around our cycle? 🌘 Every phase of our moon has its own unique characteristics and offers a different physical state. Click here to learn how YOU should adjust your pole training to the phases of your cycle.

1 – Menstruation

Your body is directing its energy at releasing blood from your system. You might feel more tired and sore. Now is the time to step back from your training – focus on relaxation, self-care and recovery. During early days of menstruation try to avoid any type of intense physical activity (yes, pole included!) and focus on meditation, light stretches or tin toga to help ease excessive stress and cramps. Doing nothing is also GREAT.

NO POLE on heavy/medium days of bleeding!

NO POLE on heavy/medium days of bleeding!

2 – Follicular phase

Your body’s energy is rising up after your long nourishing rest. Estrogen levels begin to increase quickly in preparation for ovulation, and you might feel more active and creative. Now is the time to gradually come back to your training, whether it be on the pole, flexibility or any other type of intense activity. Keep in mind that after a few days break you might want to start again easy.

Your body’s energy is rising up after your long nourishing rest

3 – Ovulation

Your body’s energy is at its peak! You feel vibrant and strong, and ready to have some fun on the pole. Now is the time to push a bit harder (only and if you feel called to) and take that extra class you’ve been thinking of or try that challenging trick you’ve learned the week(s) before. During ovulation Estrogen is at its highest level, making us feel strong, resilient and full of stamina. you can use this energy to work more on strength related exercises/tricks, or dance to the fullest at a flow class. You might also notice your recovery is quicker and easier.

Your body’s energy is at its peak

4 – Luteal phase

Your cycle is about to complete another round and your uterus is preparing for menstruation. After ovulation, we experience a drop of both estrogen and progesterone, which leads to feeling weaker and having lower energy. You might feel called to slow down on your training and not push as hard as you did the week before. If you suffer drom PMS, exercise can help ease some of the symptoms. Always listen to your instincts and trust the signals from your body.

Work with your body, not against it!

slow down on your training

Always listen to your body and trust its intelligence. Work WITH your body, never against it.

End Notes

Every BODY is different, unique, and marvelous. Always listen and follow your body’s unique cues, adapting your external rhythms to the one that is internal. Multiple factors affect our energy levels, with the menstrual cycle being just one of them (however very important). Honor your present state at any point it might be. It is important to know and become aware of the processes in your body, and try to tune your lifestyle with the changes that take place around the cycle. When we work with the natural flow of our cycle, we are able to reach our bodies’ fullest potential, maximizing both our well-being and our pole-related achievements.

Always listen and follow your body’s unique cues

If you find this topic important and/or interesting please tell me in the comments! I would LOVE to hear your experience of training around your cycle 🥰

If you have a friend with a uterus who you think might benefit with this information please share this post with them 🤗

Happy training and happy cycling! 🖤

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