Student Spotlight: Giulia Marassi


Meet Giulia (25, She/Her), business student, barista and a pole dancer. Giulia has been dancing at Pole Flow for 3 years now and she is one of our most dedicated students. Some of you probably know her from our sensual flow, spinning and intermediate level classes.

Like all of our students, Giulia has her own unique and exciting story – and we want to hear all about it! Find out in the interview below how Giulia first got to pole, what keeps her going and her best tips for those who are just starting pole >>

When did you first start pole dancing and what drew you to keep going?

I began more or less 3 years ago. Despite being a total inexperienced beginner, I felt comfortable at the studio already from the first time. I knew I found the right place and I just wanted to keep going!

How has Pole affected your life?

Thanks to pole classes I met a lot of wonderful people and discovered a “new world” of professional pole dance/events etc. Pole gave me more self confidence. I learned how strong I can be and what amazing things my body can do. I also love the physical effect it has had on my body (more strength, muscle, stamina etc.). Overall it taught me to love and appreciate my body. At a mental level it taught me lots of social skills: I learnt to help and support my fellow students and to admire them. Even if someone can learn a trick or a move that I don’t get as easily at first – instead of getting frustrated and feeling bad about it, I would appreciate and get inspired.

What have been your main struggles while engaging on this new challenging craft?

Well, pole is amazing but often “no pain, no gain”. Getting over the idea of pain was the most challenging part for me. Sometimes pole pinches my skin or presses on my bones, but I know the pain is often a mental block I can manage through practice and focus.

What would you say is your greatest achievement since you have started?

Besides tricks and moves, I think the most important pole has taught me is to “get over myself”. Leave the bad feelings and ego behind, and don’t get overly frustrated if I can’t do something. I still get frustrated from time to time, but now it’s more in a “healthier” way – just enough to push me a bit more or let it go for that day and try another time. Pole taught me to value and not be too hard on myself.

What would be your #1 tip to someone who is just starting pole?

Trust yourself and your body! it can do amazing things if you let it and not push it too hard. Don’t compare yourself to others and value every little step forward you will experience in your training.

How has been your overall experience at Pole Flow Berlin?

I feel so blessed that I started my pole journey in this studio. It is not only a studio, it is more like a family now. The place and the people are just filled with positive energy and good vibes. From the beginning I felt comfortable and accepted. I love going there every time!

Thank you Giulia for your time and honest answers! We feel so lucky to have you in our Pole Flow Family ♥ Looking forward to dance with again soon.

Follow Giulia on Instagram to see from her pole journey!

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