Student’s Spotlight: Lars

Student's spotlight Lars

Meet Larsi (officially still 28, and if someone tells you something different – they lie!).

If he’s not hanging, spinning or flying around a pole, he is working as a pattern maker for textiles. Lars has been Pole dancing at Pole Flow for 4 years now, and he is one of our most dedicated students and a substantial part of our Pole Flow family 🖤

We sat with Larsi to ask him a few questions about his Pole Journey.

When did you first start pole and what drew you to keep going?

I started with pole around 4 years ago. Ironically I started with Kaya, who is one of our teachers now.

So first all having a tandem partner, like a friend/sibling, which means you cannot cancel at the last minute – helps a lot. Furthermore, I have to admit the way my body changed and how much confidence I got out of seeing myself in 8 inch heels.

How has Pole affected your life?

Pole affected literally all these mentioned aspects of my life. First of all, as mentioned before, knowing I have the capability of dancing in 8 inch heels and feeling all the freedom in the world is just GREAT. When I dance create my own little world for myself. This liberation is also incredibly healthy for the mind to find the right outlet for all the mundane issues.

Secondly, at Pole Flow I met a community of very individual creatures, who really inspire the way I think and open my mind. Some of these people I even call now my friends/family.

What were / are your main struggles while engaging on this new challenging craft?

When I started exotic in classical high heels, there were many moves which I was not able to do, because they are not made for pole dance !

Additionally, I needed to learn what the right balance of training and relaxation is. Since please bear in mind, you also need to give your body a rest from time to time (self-reminder).

And on top of all these things building up the strength to smile through the pain and be able to hold certain shapes and figures.

Many assume pole dancing is only girls. What is your take on this assumption as a male pole dancer?

There is one little truth to it, since women are far better in handling pain and this is true, so it is kind of a girl thing…

However, I think pole dancing is for everyone! I found so much in it and especially in pole flow so much acceptance, that at least everyone should have tried it once in his life, if male or female.

What would you see as your greatest achievements since you have started?

Finding this great body positivity for myself, but also being able to share and maybe even being possible to hand this over to someone else.

What would be your #1 tip to someone who is just starting pole dancing ?

Definitely start doing pole dance with a friend, so you cannot “chicken out”. Having a friend on your side going through all you are going through at the same time makes a huge difference.

Moreover, be patient with yourself none of us learned pole dancing within a day and it is a tough discipline !

Any last word for us? 🙂

For me Pole Flow is a great place, you can be whatever you want and you find a lot of respect for this. This is probably also because of the amazing teachers, who always give you a great feeling, even if you did not manage the trick properly or you found your own little version. This atmosphere makes it so easy to grow and work on yourself and stay positive to keep on growing.

Thank you Lasi for your time and inspiring words! Your passion, dedication and loving energy makes it inspiring to everyone around to be the best pole dancer and human they can possibly be! We can’t wait to dance with again soon 🙂

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