Pole Dancing In The Cold Season

The temperatures are going down, the sky is turning grey…and all you want to do is stay in the warm snuggle of your bed. Sounds familiar? During the winter and transition period we often slow down and don’t enjoy spending as much time outside. It can get difficult to leave the house and go to your favorite pole studio. With these conditions sometimes the most challenging part in your practice is just getting there!

Fall/Winter time offers quite a few challenges to our pole training, but at the same time our pole training can be one of the best things we can do for ourselves as the days get cold.

In this article we will discuss some of the reasons why fall/winter pole training is so good for you, and what are some of the steps you can do to make the most of your pole training this time of the year.

Let’s begin!

1. Dress in layers

Most pole classes begin with a warm up that doesn’t require pole grip and can be done with full length cover. You can wear layers, and as you get warm through the warm up and training gradually remove them (most of them at least!).

This is a great way to get you decently sweaty and warm through all your joint and muscles – which is both crucial for preventing injury as well as useful to improving your grip.

Also, many pole transition and floorwork elements feel much easier with more skin cover.

2. Consider getting sticky leggings

Most pole wear brands offer these days a line of sticky clothing suitable for pole dancing. The sticky leggings allow sticking to the pole without using skin, which is both great if you are more sensitive to cold, but also if you just want to avoid some of the pole pulling sensations on your skin (ouch!).

Overall – a very useful item to have in your pole wardrobe!

You can purchase sticky leggings here or in most pole wear online stores.

P.s. yes, it is a bit pricey – but! It can a great investment if you are hesitant to go on the pole during winter days. They can also save your day in warm weather, when the pole is just too painful to grip.

3. Use Grip aid

If you are brave enough to go on the pole with your bare skin (yes, lady!), you might notice that as the sun hides behind the clouds your grip disappears as well. The cold weather invites dry skin, and thus very little if any stickiness to the pole. But don’t you worry my dear! The pole community got your covered (in pole grip, literally). These days the pole market is filled with products designed to help improve the pole grip of dry skin. Products such as Dew Point and iTac can make a huge difference in your pole training: from sliding off the pole like a piece of (dried) banana – to sticking to the pole like an apple pie on a hot summer day. We’ll give you a moment to visualize that.

Importantnote: Do not confuse the above mentioned products with grip aid such as Dry Hands or Girlie Grip. The latter is designed mostly for your hands – to dry them out if they get sweaty and slippery. The typical problem in the cold season is the dryness of the skin, and not the lack of it. Products such as Dew Point are Glycerin based and provide oil-free moisture for your skin. You should avoid applying these on your palms and use your forearms instead to rub them on your dry skin (gripping points such as back of the knees, inner and back of the thighs, etc).

For those of us that are more on the moisturized edge of the scale, you might benefit from the cold days as you finally won’t slide off the pole from your sweat! Cheers to that.

The latter is designed mostly for your hands – to dry them out if they get sweaty and slippery.

4. Make love to the floor

The change of season offers us a time to explore new directions and styles of pole dance. If you mostly practice tricks up the pole, you could use this time of the year to slide on the floor and work on your flow around the pole. Most Pole Flow and Exotic Flow classes do not generally require taking your clothes off (except for theatrical reasons), and give you a chance to enjoy the warm comfort of your full cover while flying and swinging around the pole. If you’ve been hesitant joining a Pole Flow/Exotic Flow till today, use this beautiful time of the year to discover the dancer in you and enrich your pole skills!

‘’But I can’t dance!’’ – yes, you can! We will show you how.

If you mostly practice tricks up the pole, you could use this time of the year to slide on the floor and work on your flow around the pole.

Our Pole Flow classes take place every week:

Tuesday 20:30-21:30 with Rain (open level)

Wednesday 18:00-19:00 with Lee (open level)

Wednesday 20:30-21:30 with Kaya (Exotic Essentials)

Thursday 20:30 Exotic Flow with Rain (open level)

Friday 19:15-20:15 Exotic Flow with Kaya (open level)

Sensual Floorwork Online:

Monday 19:15-20:15 with Rain

5. Use the Support of Your Pole Community

We all know how difficult it can get sometimes to just make that initial step to leave the house for your workout or training. In cold days this becomes even more difficult.

In order to get yourself motivated you can ask your pole friends to join you along. What can be better than going to a pole class and meet all your pole buddies? Guaranteed to cheer you up on the gloomiest of days!

No one available? You can rest assure that once you’re at the pole class you will spend one hour (or more) with some incredible girls & boys that are all excited to train together and share the same passion as you.

Having a strong and supportive pole community is one of the greatest benefits of pole training. More than getting a 6 pack or even deadlifts, the friends you make at the pole studio is really what it’s all about.

the friends you make at the pole studio is really what it’s all about.

6. Embrace the cold

Physical exercise and Pole in particular offer some incredible benefits that are even more significant at the cold season.

We have listed for you some of them:

– Regular training improves your fitness, stamina and overall your wellbeing. It also boosts your immune system and improves your natural protection against many winter illnesses (no word about C****d).

– Pole is an Indoor training. Our studio offers a strong heating system as well an air-purifier to keep you warm, cozy and safe also when it is freezing outside.

– In cold days you are less likely to slide off the pole into a puddle of sweat! To adjust your pole grip you can easily use some of the pole aid mentioned above, which you can’t really do in the summer.

– Regular exercise and social interaction, both offered by pole dance training, release endorphins in your body which are the hormones of happiness. This helps in turn to lessen the effects of the common winter blues. Going to your favorite pole dance studio will help elevate your mood and keep you stable and happy as the days grow darker and colder.

Got more surprising tips? We would love to hear! Comment below to tell us your favorite tips and tricks to training in the cold weather

Pole Dancing In The Cold Season

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