Flexibility 101 with Marta Baley

how should i stretch

Everything you wanted to know about Flexibility and Contortion training with Marta Baley! How should I stretch? When? And WHY? We sat with Marta, a professional contortionist and flexibility trainer, to learn her secrets for efficient and rewarding flexibility training, answering all of your most commonly asked questions – How often should I stretch? I […]

Dana(TLV): New Team Member!

One of the best things I have found in the recent lockdown is that it has enabled us to connect and share deeper and further with friends from all over the world 🌍💓 Meet Dana (TLV) – professional Salsa dancer and Flexibility trainer certified by Gamish studio in Tel Aviv. @gamish_flexibility_training studio, led by @daniel_itzhaqi […]

New Video Will be Out Soon

We are excited to share with you a new special project! We’ve been working on this baby for the last few months with a talented video artist and amazing dancers throughout the city of Berlin. Together with our team members Lee, Kaya and Rain we went out to explore special corners of the metropolis – […]

Meet Our Team: kaya Zakrzewska

Meet Kaya Zakrzewska – Kaya teaches regularly at Pole Flow Berlin and is one of our core team members. Just a few years ago Kaya started taking classes at Pole Flow, and now she is sharing her on growing knowledge with dozen of pole students all around Berlin. Kaya (29, she/her) is a pole dancer, […]

Meet our Team: Rain Rose

pole dance trainer in berlin

Rain Rose (26, she/her; they/them) is a dancer, choreographer, Pole dance & Burlesque teacher and performer. In 2016 she graduated from University of California’s Dance department (B.A.) and since then has been teaching dance and performing in various venues mostly in LA. Back in LA she also received her certification as a Pole Dance instructor […]