Reignite your Pole Passion🔥

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We all love Pole, but just like any relationship, keeping Passion alive takes work, dedication and commitment 😉 Learn how you can rediscover, rekindle and enrich your relationship with Pole Dance! A Pole Love Story You might still recall the day you first met him – tall, shiny and bright standing there in the middle […]

Flexibility 101 with Marta Baley

how should i stretch

Everything you wanted to know about Flexibility and Contortion training with Marta Baley! How should I stretch? When? And WHY? We sat with Marta, a professional contortionist and flexibility trainer, to learn her secrets for efficient and rewarding flexibility training, answering all of your most commonly asked questions – How often should I stretch? I […]

Why we are No Longer ‘exotic’

Is Exotic a passionfruit, a wild cat, or just an inaccurate dance style reference? In the recent weeks we’ve changed the names of classes used to be known as ‘Exotic’ and removed the term from our websites. After all the years of using the term and having the word Exotic closely identified with our high […]

Student Spotlight: Giulia Marassi


Meet Giulia (25, She/Her), business student, barista and a pole dancer. Giulia has been dancing at Pole Flow for 3 years now and she is one of our most dedicated students. Some of you probably know her from our sensual flow, spinning and intermediate level classes. Like all of our students, Giulia has her own […]

New Video Will be Out Soon

We are excited to share with you a new special project! We’ve been working on this baby for the last few months with a talented video artist and amazing dancers throughout the city of Berlin. Together with our team members Lee, Kaya and Rain we went out to explore special corners of the metropolis – […]

How to get your a** up for online training?

We love the idea of training at home – taking care of our health and fitness, getting some self time, a break from daily stress and refreshing our charges. What can be better? Mmm…while the idea to itself sounds great (and it is!) bringing it to action can be somewhat difficult. Our room is small […]

Handsprings Fundamentals Workshop with Rain

Ask and you shall receive 😉 We are excited to invite you for our new monthly workshop: Handsprings Fundamentals workshop (Intermediate Level) with Rain, taking place on Saturday 12.12.2020, 16:00-17:30. This next workshop is in direct response to our intermediate students who want to take their pole training to the next level! In this workshop, […]

Meet Our Team: kaya Zakrzewska

Meet Kaya Zakrzewska – Kaya teaches regularly at Pole Flow Berlin and is one of our core team members. Just a few years ago Kaya started taking classes at Pole Flow, and now she is sharing her on growing knowledge with dozen of pole students all around Berlin. Kaya (29, she/her) is a pole dancer, […]

Pole Dancing In The Cold Season

The temperatures are going down, the sky is turning grey…and all you want to do is stay in the warm snuggle of your bed. Sounds familiar? During the winter and transition period we often slow down and don’t enjoy spending as much time outside. It can get difficult to leave the house and go to […]

Off The Pole Nourishment

❀ How to make the most out of your rest days ❀ We work hard, train hard, cook, clean, visit friends, run errands – and easily lose track of time. We want to make the most of our trainings so bad, that often we forget how to take care of ourselves in between. But WHY […]