Dana(TLV): New Team Member!

One of the best things I have found in the recent lockdown is that it has enabled us to connect and share deeper and further with friends from all over the world 🌍💓 Meet Dana (TLV) – professional Salsa dancer and Flexibility trainer certified by Gamish studio in Tel Aviv. @gamish_flexibility_training studio, led by @daniel_itzhaqi […]

Bye-bye 2020 + little New Year’s gift

little new years gift is a free tutorial

What a year 2020… full of unexpected events, confusion and uncertainty – some of us lost our jobs, our favorite studios got closed and social life became an image on the screen. For us this year was challenging, but nevertheless rewarding. No matter what came we took a deep breath and figured out how we […]

New Video Will be Out Soon

We are excited to share with you a new special project! We’ve been working on this baby for the last few months with a talented video artist and amazing dancers throughout the city of Berlin. Together with our team members Lee, Kaya and Rain we went out to explore special corners of the metropolis – […]

How to get your a** up for online training?

We love the idea of training at home – taking care of our health and fitness, getting some self time, a break from daily stress and refreshing our charges. What can be better? Mmm…while the idea to itself sounds great (and it is!) bringing it to action can be somewhat difficult. Our room is small […]

Handsprings Fundamentals Workshop with Rain

Ask and you shall receive 😉 We are excited to invite you for our new monthly workshop: Handsprings Fundamentals workshop (Intermediate Level) with Rain, taking place on Saturday 12.12.2020, 16:00-17:30. This next workshop is in direct response to our intermediate students who want to take their pole training to the next level! In this workshop, […]

Exotic Pole Tricks Workshop with Kaya

exotic pole trick workshop

In this workshop we will learn some of the exciting kips, jumps, handstands and intermediate level transitions typically performed in the Exotic Flow style. If you are experienced in our Exotic Flow and/or Intermediate classes and looking for an extra challenge this is the workshop for you! Kaya will guide us through the right technique to get […]

Meet Our Team: kaya Zakrzewska

Meet Kaya Zakrzewska – Kaya teaches regularly at Pole Flow Berlin and is one of our core team members. Just a few years ago Kaya started taking classes at Pole Flow, and now she is sharing her on growing knowledge with dozen of pole students all around Berlin. Kaya (29, she/her) is a pole dancer, […]

Pole Dancing In The Cold Season

The temperatures are going down, the sky is turning grey…and all you want to do is stay in the warm snuggle of your bed. Sounds familiar? During the winter and transition period we often slow down and don’t enjoy spending as much time outside. It can get difficult to leave the house and go to […]

24. October: Exotic Pole Tricks Workshop with Kaya

exotic pole trick with kaya

While the temperatures outside keep going down, at Pole Flow it’s only getting warmer! Get ready for a winter filled with exciting workshops by our home team as well local amazing pole & dance teachers from Berlin. This season we will host workshops surrounding all the pole areas you’ve been dreaming of – exotic tricks, […]

Pole Combo online (Tutorial) with Kaya Zakrzewska

exotic pole trick workshop

Learn a full pole combo online – demonstrated and broken down to details by our lovely Kaya. This combo has been taught in our recent Intermediate level classes, however experienced beginners can also give it a go. Try it at home or save the video and try it in our open training! To prepare for […]